Chase Customer Service – Online and Phone Support

Chase Customer Service is #1 and tough to beat. Not only are the agents friendly and courteous, but also very knowledgeable. They dig to get you the answer concerning what is happening in your bank account. Great pride is taken with these representatives to ensure you receive the best customer care possible.

Chase Customer Support

So what happens when you dial the phone number, to ask questions concerning your money. Well, let us take a look. First, you get an automated system that gives you options. Second, following all prompts, your information is placed into the automated service from your phone. Third, press the number that gives you the chance to speak to an agent. Normally if it is not busy, a customer is not on hold for more than 2 minutes. What type of customer support do you receive?

  • A friendly greeting followed by a name
  • Careful listing of your account information
  • A willingness to find out why you are calling
  • Get an answer that’s satisfying
  • An eagerness to answer any other questions you might have
  • Once you are satisfied you get a warm “Thank You” and “Have a great day”

chase customer service

That is all to it. Throughout the experience, you have an agent who has a positive attitude about making sure you get right answers. There is even a brief survey at the call so that you can give feedback about your customer support experience.

Chase support also extends to the use of their app. If there is a problem, or glitch of any kind using their app on your iPhone, or Android, you can call the Chase customer service number to get help. The tech support agents are good at what they do and will be happy to guide you through the process of getting the app back working, so you can have the convenience of doing your banking online. If you are considering using the Chase bank app on your phone, here is what they offer:

  • Online Check Deposit- just snap a picture of the front and back of your check, watch your money stack up.
  • Pay a Bill- that feature is wonderful- you can pay all your bills in your pajamas. No more standing in line for money orders.
  • Transfer Money-you can transfer money from one account to the other without making a phone call.
  • Transaction History- look up all transactions and keep records so you can make sure there are no unauthorized charges.

Charges You Did Not Make

Customer support is there for you if there is ever a case of identity theft. Nothing is more of a nightmare than having your money taken out of your account, and you did not authorize the transaction. Just call Chase bank customer service number, and the matter will be taken care of promptly. Not only will they investigate, but you will have your money back in your account within 1-2 business days. When it comes to your money Chase works fast to get it back. That is why they are #1. Being the best bank in the industry means that the customer service rating is outstanding. Other banks do not come close to providing the crisp, professional customer support that Chase offers.

I Will Sign Up Now

Give the Chase customer service a ring now to get your new account set up. They will tell you what is needed, and it does require a deposit to open an account, whether it is savings or checking. So put these agents to the test, by dialing that phone number. You will be glad you did.